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Words of Director

  These words are the cornerstones of the Victory Pioneers International School's (V.P.I.S.) mission and educational philosophy, and eloquently define our commitment to education and represent the aspirations we have for all student learning experiences, be it in the classroom or beyond.

  At VP.I.S. , we celebrate both our internationalism and the uniqueness of each of the 15 plus nationalities represented among our students and staff. In a multicultural and multilingual environment, with English as the language of instruction, we are greatly enriched by this diversity. Our community has the opportunity to develop an understanding of Saudi's culture, customs and approach to education. It is truly the kind of "cultural mosaic" for which Saudi Arabia has become so well known.

  V.P.I.S. provides a vibrant learning community and supportive home to students across 3 campuses. Our passionate, dedicated and highly trained staff challenges each of our students to reach his or her individual potential.

  On behalf of the Victory Pioneers International School community, I invite you to come and explore our school. We welcome the opportunity to share with you the delight that comes in joining the caring and committed learning community that is V.P.I.S.

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  •   011 416 4118
  •   (+966) 53 897 5379 / (+966) 55 997 8422
  •  2905 Ahmad Al Itab, Al Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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