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Responsibilities of Disciplinary Committee

1. Detecting and examining some behavioral problems among students.
2. Meeting with misbehaving students and clarifying the negative effects of bad behavior on their life.
3. Promoting good behavior among students and rewarding those with good conduct.
4. Taking suitable action towards students' misconduct.

Specific Behavioral Guidelines

1. It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom without uniform.
2. It is impermissible to let the students enter the classrooms before the morning assembly. Their bags must be with them during the assembly.
3. It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom during the breaks. Eating is not allowed inside the classrooms.
4. Students are to be accompanied to Praying with the Islamic Studies teachers.
5. It is impermissible to bring telecom machines or cellular phones to the school premises. For urgent calls, students can contact their parents through the school administration.
6. Students are allowed to buy from the school canteen during breaks only.
7. It is not allowed for any student to leave the classroom without taking permission from the teacher.
8. After breaks, students must go directly to their classrooms.
9. Students accompanied with their teacher must lineup quietly and properly when they leave their classroom to Science Lab or P.E periods.
10. If the subject teacher does not reach his lesson on time or is absent, students must wait inside the classroom.
11. Students are not allowed to leave their classroom to the playground if they have a free period. The school administration should get a substitute teacher to cover that period.
12. Resting, napping or sleeping is not allowed inside the classroom.
13. Students should participate in the morning assembly and must take part in the physical exercises.
14. Students must bring all their required books, copybooks and pencil cases according to their timetable.
15. Homework assignments must be done as assigned on time.
16. Students are not allowed to touch or keep dangerous or harmful objects.
17. Students are not allowed to throw objects around the school.
18. Students respect other's feelings - no teasing, name calling, swearing, etc.
19. Students- respect other's person - no rough play, fighting, bullying, threats, harassing, etc.
20. Students-- respect other's property - no theft, vandalism, etc.
21. Gum chewing is not allowed inside school at any time.
22. Keep your school clean just as you would keep your house clean.
23. Throw rubbish in the bin, keep the place clean always.

Classroom Rules

1. Arrive to class on time with the necessary equipment.
2. Listen to teachers or other students without interruption.
3. Complete all assignments on time.
4. Treat the teacher and other students with respect.
5. No eating or drinking is allowed in class (water is acceptable.)
6. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
7. Respect the property of the school. Don't draw on walls or tables.
8. Respect the rights and property of others.
9. Act in a safe and responsible manner.
Dress Code

Boys must keep their pants pulled up and use a belt if necessary. Pants are not to be dragging on the ground. Undershirts are to be tucked in at all times. Boys may not wear any jewelry.
• The wearing of chains is not permitted.
• Short trousers are not permitted.
Consequences for Dress Code Violation:
• 1st Offense: Student will wait in the office and parent will be notified to bring a change of clothes.
• 2nd Offense: Student will wait in the office and parent will be notified to bring a change of clothes. Student will receive a written warning.
• 3rd Offense: Student will wait in the office and parent will be notified to bring a change of clothes. The student will be suspended for at least one day.

Mobile Policy

1. Mobiles are prohibited within the school premises.
2. Parents should discourage their sons from bringing mobile phones to schools.
3. If a student is found using a mobile phone, for any purpose, the phone will be confiscated from the pupil.
4. As a general rule, students are not allowed to use the school telephones except for emergencies. To use the telephone, students should request permission from the Students' Counselor or a teacher.

However, the student can refer to the Students' Counselor to request either a mobile or a land-phone number.

Lost and Found

A lost & found property box is located near the Student Counselor's office. If a student finds something, he/she is requested to put it in the box. So, the student is advised to refer to the Students' Counselor to check his/her missing properties.

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