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Word Mania

LiteracyPlanet Word Mania Saudi Arabia 2018 is a free competition for schools involving a seriously fun online game that challenges students to build as many words as they can in three minutes. The competition is by year level and open to Years 1 to 9.
Word Mania has been shown to improve the variety of skills involved - including phonics, spelling, vocabulary and word knowledge - on average by 36%
What are the competition dates?
The Word Mania game was available for practice from Monday, September 10 and the competition started on Sunday, November 4. There were two rounds of online competition, and a final round for the highest scoring schools:
• Practice - Monday, September 10 to Friday, November 2.
• Competition Round 1 - Sunday, November 4 to Friday, November 9.
• Competition Round 2 - Sunday, November 11 to Friday, November 16.
• Final Round - Sunday, November 18 to Friday, November 23.
How can my school participate?
The competition is free, and to participate schools must be registered and have students in or between Years 1 to 9.
Word building is a fun challenge that involves many different literacy skills:
• Phonemes
• Morphemes including affixes and plurals
• Spelling
• Word recognition
• Vocabulary
• Word knowledge
Word Mania tests and improves these skills, with the added challenge of speed!
Can your child play using a LiteracyPlanet home account?
This is a school competition. Your child can play the Word Mania game on a LiteracyPlanet home account but to participate in the competition and play for their school they will need a LiteracyPlanet school login.

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