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Re-enrollment has started for the next academic year 2016-2017

Victory Pioneers international Schools is engaging students with passionate teachers.
We have the world's best hands-on science program to build your child's creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Come join us at V.P.I.S.!


Students efforts are also recognized by handing out certificates of appreciation to the student with Report Card.

The certificates motivate the students and showcase the hard work and let's other students dedicate their time to their education to receive the certificates at the end of the month.

School Trips

A reward system at V.P.I.S. is an important aspect of the appreciation we present for the students for their hard work and dedication. Every year the students of V.P.I.S. go on a field trip. Recently the students of Kindergarten and Elementary Section went to the "Alkhayala Equestrian". They enjoyed riding the horses and learning more on the sport of horse riding. They went along with some of their teachers where they all shared the experience together.


V.P.I.S. strongly believes that the proper education of your kid is enhanced by the cooperative partnership between the home and the school, between the parents and the teachers; hence we give utmost importance to P-T conferences.

Hi-tech Tools are Installed in all of V.P.I.S Classes

It is certainly true that Educational Technology has greatly changed education. It has morphed how teachers teach and how learners learn. Classroom at V.P.I.S. have been equipped with tools and devices to enhance the teaching and learning environment. These changes do not change the fundamental learning approaches, but they have changed the way people do things and how they see them.

Communication with parents

There are mainly three types of communication channels with our dear parents:

1- Face to face communication in parents meetings or in case of emergency

2- Written comments or notes to the school administration or departments


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  •  2905 Ahmad Al Itab, Al Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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