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  The Education primary section is a welcoming place where students are educated and nurtured by highly trained teachers and staff. Students at V.P.I.S. are taught to think logically, independently and creatively and to communicate and collaborate with their peers. The primary school serves students from Grade1 through the 6th grade.

  We value holistic education and offer activities for students to explore varying interests and develop skills in a wide range of disciplines. We have special pull out classes in visual arts, physical education, library/media, and technology to enrich our core curriculum.

  We recognize that not all students learn in the same way and structure our programs and instruction to meet the varying needs of each child. Our Student Services Team (counselor, ASL teachers, and Special Services department) collaborate with classroom teachers to meet the needs of all students.

  We desire collaboration with parents and want to team with you in the education process.

  Welcome to our community!

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  •   0114164118
  •   (+966) 53 897 5379 / (+966) 50 743 1170
  •  2905 Ahmad Al Itab, Al Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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