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1. Where is V.P.I.S. located?

The V.P.I.S. campus is strategically located in Olaya, five minutes south of the Kingdom Tower. It is easily accessible by excellent highways. For directions and location map, click here.

2. Who are the teaching staff at V.P.I.S?

The teachers and academic staff at V.P.I.S comprise a combination of qualified and experienced teachers from countries like Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Canada and United States as well as experienced Saudi teachers.

3. What are the security measures taken at the school?

At V.P.I.S, your child's security is of up most priority. We have 24-hour security guards. Access to the school is strictly limited to authorized personnel and guests.

4. Do you provide transportation for students?

V.P.I.S. has contracted major bus companies to connect students of different parts of RIYADH to the school.

5. Do parents/guardians get access to the principal and teachers?

Most definitely. Parents and guardians will have easy access to meet the teachers and school leadership. They will be available regularly to meet parents face-to-face, or can be contacted via email or mobile call.

6. What are the schooling hours?

According to the Ministry Of Education, the schooling hours are as follows:
Early Years: 7.00am – 12.45 pm.
Primary to Secondary : 7.00 am – 1:15 pm.

7. When does your enrollment begin?

Enrollment for students from Early Years to Year 12 are now open. Interested applicants can download the application form and send the completed form to: enas.musmar@vpi-school.com.
Applicants will then be required to sit for an entrance test and be called in for an interview.

8. What are your school fees?

For more information on the fees for every level, please click here.

9. If our child faces difficulties in speaking the ARABIC language, do you have any special Arabic Language program to help?

Yes, we offer an 'Arabic as a Second Language' (ASL) program which is designed to support students who need to develop fluency and competency in Arabic.

10. What is the size of every class?

At V.P.I.S, we limit the size of class to a maximum of 22 to ensure a balanced teacher- student ratio according to the MOE regulations.

11. What is the school's approach towards student discipline?

We believe in setting clear boundaries for students at our school. All students are required to adhere to a clear code of conduct which reflects our values of being respectful of each other. At the same time the School management will ensure that discipline matters with be handled with sensitivity and respect to the children. The school policy dictates that corporal punishment will not be practiced.

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  •   011 416 4118
  •   (+966) 53 897 5379 / (+966) 55 997 8422
  •  2905 Ahmad Al Itab, Al Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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