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Disciplinary Policy

  The discipline policy is explained to all the staff members of the school to guarantee fair and consistent handling of improper behavior. Training seminars on positive discipline are given systematically to the entire school staff so that they can handle the discipline problems efficiently. However, in extreme cases when a student fails to follow the code of conduct put by the school, procedural measures will be followed. Discipline Procedures Are as Follows

  1/ Verbal Warning

  A verbal warning given to a student by his/her teacher must be recorded and dated on the student's behavior record.

  2/ Period's Leave

  If the student does not follow the class rules, he/she will be asked to leave the class accompanied by the Students, Counselor .A written warning will be sent to the parent.


  After three times of "Period Leave" and the student's behavior continues to be improper in or outside the classroom, a detention will be applied for a maximum time of 45 minutes. The student's parent will be notified at least one day before the application of any detention measures in order to arrange transportation for their son/daughter.

  4/ School-Parent Conference
The student's parent will be asked to meet with his/her child's classroom tutor in the presence of the school administration to discuss the student's behavior. The main purpose of this conference is to make both parties aware of any special circumstances the student may be going through. A plan of action will be implemented to help the student cope with the problem.

  5/ Written Warning
A written warning will be the most serious of these procedures. If your child receives a written warning this means he/she will be suspended for maximum period of 5 days. If this should occur he/she will be responsible for any work missed during this time.

  6/ Permanent Suspension
If the student does not improve with these measures the school administration has the right to ask the parents to remove their child from school with no obligation on the school's part to refund any funds.

  7/ School Discipline Instructions
The purpose of this discipline policy is to provide guidelines and rules to control and regulate the students’ behavior, which is in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.
The school discipline has two main goals:
1. To ensure the safety of staff and students.
2. To create an environment conducive to learning.

  8/ Disciplinary Committee
The discipline committee consists of seven members: Deputy Principal as Head of Discipline Committee, Students' Counselors, three heads of departments, and four teachers from different departments.

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