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VPIS Dashboard

V.P.I.S. Dashboard reaches to your expectations and beyond. It lets you visualize the Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data for your organization at a glance. It is the Dashboard tool that presents management with the information for the practical end of V.P.I.S. that covers the following areas:

• Student admission system: Fully functional and automated admission form for student enrolment
• Student Profile
• Class routine or class schedule: View class timetables and any changes when required
• Student promotion: Promote a student from one class to another / Promote students to a new academic session
• Ability to see previous session data
• Students’ daily attendance: Follow attendance of students daily / Keep track if students are absent
• Exam management: View report cards online / Print student marksheet
• Weekly Plans: Students can view/download the weekly plans at any time they need
• Study materials: Students can view/download the materials anytime they need
• Transportation: Ability to attach students to a transport service
• Students’ fees: Students’ payment history
• Private messaging: Contact administration with private messages
• Noticeboard/ Calendar: View events/memos
• E-Library: more than 1000 e-books are available online for KG and Grades.
• Payments: Payments' Spreadsheets are available for each student to view and print invoices.
• Student of the month voting by sending messages

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